Medical AdviceQuestions and enquiries pertaining to general health topics, symptoms, medicines, surgery, medical conditions and illnesses and the treatment thereof are fielded and dealt with telephonically by professional and experienced nursing staff.Unlimited telephonic advice.
Emergency Medical ServicesEvacuation from the scene of the medical emergency and transportation under medical supervision. Depending on the nature of the medical emergency and various other considerations such as the patient’s state and fitness to travel, distance to be covered and availability of the appropriate means of transport, transportation by a fleet of vehicles e.g. ambulances from the public and private medical services, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft is arranged. The patient is taken to the nearest most appropriate medical facility.Unlimited incidents.
Trauma & Assault ProtectionTelephonic trauma counselling is provided in the event of the customer being effected by an event, condition or incident which could be but is not limited to domestic violence, school bullying, teen suicide, teen pregnancy, motor accident, hijacking, and burglary, the loss of a loved one, family chronic or life threatening medical condition or disability.

Telephonic debriefing and counselling are conducted by the qualified counsellor and should the counsellor determine a need for additional face-to-face counselling, the customer will be directed to an appropriate trauma counselling centre, nearest to the customer’s work or home address.
Unlimited telephonic counselling

A selected number of face to face sessions can be included as part of the offering at an additional price.
Medical Professional NetworkDiscounted Pharmacy Benefit:
• 1200 participating independent pharmacies nationwide;
• 20% off blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol tests;
• 1 x free test (of the above 3), once per annum;
• Special offers changing every 3 months e.g. buy 1 get 1 free offer;
• 20% Discount on clinic consultations in-pharmacy or at PCDT clinics.

Discounted Doctors Network Benefit:
• 2000 participating independent Doctor practices nationwide;
• 20% off consultations;
• Should the member wish to visit a doctor not on the nationwide panel, the doctor could be added to the panel for future visits provided the doctor agrees to the discounted benefit agreement.
Unlimited incidents will be covered;

A number of free consultations can be offered at an additional fee.