Professional & Outsourcing

Legal Assist

Legal Assist is a 24-hour telephonic legal advice line manned by qualified and experienced in-house attorneys for guidance and information on all legal matters.

Legal Insurance Assist

Legal Insurance Assist is a 24-hour helpline providing unlimited telephonic legal advice with access to a comprehensive range of standard legal documents and templates.

ID Assist

ID Assist is a 24-hour telephonic advice line offering preventative and remedial measures when identity fraud, loss or theft is experienced.

Tax and Financial Assist

Tax and Financial Assist is a helpline designed to offer efficient and accurate advice on any tax-related or financial issue.

ID Theft

Legal assistance through a legal team to:

  1. remove wrongly recorded credit judgments
  2. reinstate your credit status
  3. redress actions taken by creditors
  4. correct the information with an accredited credit bureau

Wrongful Debit Order Assist

Professional assistance to:

  1. find the source of the debit order
  2. find the reason for the debit order
  3. remove the debit order
  4. correct the information